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Change central
End-to-end impact platform
EU public values driven

Change Central

Alkemio puts the change to be achieved in the centre: not the organization, not the customer, but the change.

Enabling you to align efforts with your stakeholders and with other communities, overcome silos, and scale impact. Enabling many stakeholders to work together effectively, including from the public and private sectors.

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End-to-end impact platform

Designed to help you make progress. Instead of struggling with partial solutions, Alkemio facilitates all of your impact journey.​

Providing the tools, knowledge, guidance; building and engaging your community, connecting to other change makers, innovating and working together effectively towards meaningful goals.

Providing you with a dedicated space to work on the change you want to make, with the ability to break down challenges into parts and phases. Flexible and tailored for your needs.

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EU public values driven

Bizarrely, society relies on digital platforms driven by private instead of public interests.

Data, algorithms and AI: On Alkemio, neither data nor attention is sold; algorithms are used to bring people together, encouraging inclusivity and diversity, instead of ads, clicks, profits and polarisation.

Openness: Alkemio is open and transparent, including open-source and willingness to engage in the debate on the role and use of technology in society.

Ownership: Legally bound to focus on benefitting society, through steward-ownership.

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Meaningful impact

A place where people can engage on the topics they care about.
And be part of an impactful community.

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