Collaboration supercharged with AI. Safely.

Digital spaces to work together, seamlessly integrated with AI. So you can make faster progress on the topics you care about!

What is Alkemio?

A fresh approach to how we collaborate. Enabling the changemakers.

  1. Work together using a rich toolset, guided by proven methodologies.

  2. Leverage the power of AI using Virtual Contributors - instant & 24/7 contribution.

  3. Network effect - finding others with shared interests and new expertise.

Backed by Alkemio Foundation, designed to benefit society.

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How does it work?

In your Alkemio Space, you can set up a collaboration project, train your own Virtual Contributor, and invite everyone to join you.

Get your own Space and bring your network in. Work with your community and with AI Virtual Contributors. Personalize your space with digital whiteboards, tailored work-flows, posts, and other useful collaboration tools.

Make progress in your business, university, or in your city.


Alkemio is built to be a safe digital foundation for collaboration.

Safety in how you collaborate: Who can join. What topics are worked on. How information is shared and visible. Clear roles and working groups.

Safety in the platform you collaborate on: Open-source. Your data won’t be sold or misused. Algorithms are only to help you make progress.

Alkemio is steward-owned, meaning our mission to help society collaborate is set in stone and safeguarded.