A new way of bringing people together

Feeling ownership, making progress, guided by professionals.

Alkemio is a better way to drive and deliver change, making your project, program, or coalition more succesful. Go from ad hoc project to embedding new collaboration capabilities deep into the organization.

Better run projects, program, coalitions

Alkemio is your shared space and toolkit. Offering a refined approach, blending structure with flexibility and openness. Using best practices, yet tailor-made to your specific needs.

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Teach your clients and colleagues

Transform project timelines and client relations. Shift from single 6-month projects to 3-year organizational transformation initiatives, embedding collaborative capabilities with your clients and colleagues.

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Network effect

Full access to the entire Alkemio ecosystem. Provide ongoing access to transformation, consulting, and collaboration practices for your clients and colleagues.

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How does it work?

The success of any collaborative process is highly depended on collaboration professionals, providing structure and leadership. Whether it’s called a consultant, a process guide, project manager, program leader or community manager, every great cause needs great guidance.

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That’s why…

Alkemio enforces the conscious manifestation of coordinative roles. In other words, you have to assign a process guide otherwise the system won’t launch for you, as we know that without it all you’re going to achieve is disappointment.

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Built on public values

Based in the EU, Alkemio values security and verification. For every plan and every user.

Bizarrely, society relies on digital platforms driven by private instead of public interests.
On Alkemio data is not sold.
On Alkemio attention is not sold.
Algorithms are used to bring people together, encouraging inclusivity and diversity, instead of ads, clicks, profits and polarisation.

Steward Owned and open source. In line with EU public values.