Revolutionizing Education

Discover how easy it is to harness the power of AI responsibly.


Only great learning journeys lead to great results.

  • Teachers split any courses in relevant phases.
  • See where students get stuck and easily help them.
  • Create your own AI personas to guide students. No coding skills needed.

In a safe and transparent academic environment.

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Here to help, not disrupt.

Alkemio enriches the learning journey using AI.

We help you make progress, not disrupt your methods. Your registries, materials, and custom software will not be replaced.

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Alkemio is built to be a safe digital foundation for collaboration.

Safety in how you collaborate: Who can join. What topics are worked on. How information is shared and visible. Clear roles and working groups.

Safety in the platform you collaborate on: Open-source. Your data won’t be sold or misused. Algorithms are only to help you make progress.

Alkemio is steward-owned, meaning our mission to help society collaborate is set in stone and safeguarded.