For Teachers

Educating from outside-in.

Designed to give the educator full control over the learning journey, the student full flexibility to reach their goals, and the outside world to support and inspire.

Ready-to-use Educational Framework

Alkemio provides teachers with best practises to launch and adapt to their liking. Enabling end-to-end student journeys based on well-known methodologies.

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Live Coaching and Monitoring

In education it’s about the process, not the result. A student needs to learn how to engage, organize, and interact, that’s the real goal of any student project. Alkemio enables meaningful coaching, from early in the process rather than the end result.

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Real World Learning

Let’s not pretend that education takes places within the school only. Every learning journey benefits from outside, unexpected questions, insights and support. Alkemio enables students and teachers to involve everyone in the journey, within a safe environment.

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Talent Showcase and Networking

Embrace to be the hub for talent that you as a teacher in fact have become. Make it easy for organizations to discover and collaborate with the bright minds you nurture. Enable your students to showcase their work, for you to attract potential ‘clients’ for next courses.

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Smooth onboarding

No need for everyone to learn a new tool. A smooth transition without unnecessary learning curves.