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Empower open, collaborative education in the digital age.

Alkemio replaces the traditional confines of learning by an open, collaborative, and digital platform. A living environment that transcends the limitations of current educational collaboration tools, fostering both creativity and structured approaches, and enabling the outside world to contribute.

Creativity Takes Center Stage

Alkemio allows the teacher to select the best practices or structured approach they prefer. The students uses whiteboards and other creative tools to gather information in a structured way, tailored to their energy and the schools needs.

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From Result to Process

In education it’s about the process, not the result. With Alkemio, a student learns how to engage, organize, and interact, a teacher has the overview over the learning journey and coaches early in the process.

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Bye Bye Student Projects

What better way to learn than to work in the real world? Alkemio doesn’t confine projects to the classroom; instead, every project is live from day one, creating an immediate impact and providing a platform for real-world learning. Breaking away from school silos, as everyone on the Alkemio platform can contribute, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. All in a safe environment.

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Your School Becomes a Magnet

Alkemio provides a platform where every project, from any participant, is visible to all. It’s a space where the impact of education is seen and celebrated in real-time. Your school becomes a magnet for companies, NGOs and governments, all aiming to tap in to your pool of talent.

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Smooth onboarding

No need for everyone to learn a new tool. A smooth transition without unnecessary learning curves.