Persona Perspectives

Hello new user! In this page we want to help you find out how can you use the platform at the best of its capacities depending on who you are and what value you can get from the Alkemio community.

First follow our “new member” getting started guide and begin your journey!

Persona 1: Innovation Manager

Are you an Innovation Manager within an organization, for example from UWV or Digicampus, and you want to involve all employees from your innovation initiatives or programmes? Your Space, or Subspace, is a place where you can engage directly with the community. and other community members. You can create posts or engage, add collaboration tools, and comment, in the Space and its Subspaces. To set up your Space you can contact the Alkemio team and get your issue on the platform and start involving your colleagues, co-workers, and likeminded that could contribute to solving the issue through sharing knowledge, stories, and useful case studies to learn from.

Persona 2: Community/Organization Member

Are you part of a Space or Subspace (an Alkemio community) with individuals from different organizations that work on a shared project or challenge, for example the energy transition? You can search, browse, or ask to join the relevant Spaces or create a new one. You can follow up on the projects with other individuals that have your same interests in solving issues related to energy transition, add your Subspace and invite your community in it. This way everyone could get involved in a big and united community that can help each other by sharing content on the same issue they are all interested in, giving different perspectives, suggestions, and so on. Membership: Each Space has members that are contributing. You can become a member via the Space page. Visibility: Most Spaces are public and hence fully visible to everyone. For private Spaces, the content is only available after becoming a member.

Persona 3: Individual

Are you an Individual that was invited to join a Space to work on a particular set of subprojects? You can gain valuable insights from subject matter experts and contribute to its Subspaces by sharing your own knowledge and experiences to help others. You can give your opinion, suggestion, and curiosities on the project by adding a Collaboration Tool or comment on a specific project within the platform. As an individual you can also search or browse other Subspaces and Spaces to get inspiration for further improvement of the platform itself, maybe in order to help you out on another issue you may want to raise yourself. You can contact other community members to forge new relationships and learn from one another.

How can I engage with the Alkemio Community?

Please feel free to connect with Alkemio to get talk through how to best use the platform!