Getting started!

Hello there! Welcome to the Alkemio Community.

Congrats! You’ve made it to the most open and collaborative online community out there. 🤗

In this post we’ll set you up for success to make the most of the Alkemio community. Follow our new member onboarding steps below to jump-start your ‘career’ as a contributor on Alkemio! It will take you approximately 15 mins, and will save you a bunch of time afterwards.


Using the Alkemio platform, organizations that work with individuals from other organizations can create and group the whole community around a certain theme or project and share knowledge.

For example to avoid having different WhatsApp or Signal groups with a certain number of individuals from one organization and another group with people from another one. In the end, you need to connect to both organizations/groups on the same issue. Using Alkemio is a way of sparing time, being more effective and successful in solving the issue altogether as a community.


Alkemio is the platform launched to reveal the infinite potential of collaboration between organizations, individual users, partners, businesses, researchers, and citizens. Public values should be central to achieve systematic change in how we work together on challenges. Teams/Slack/Google Workspace/Whatsapp/Signal etc. are all great for interacting and managing your project - but they do not put the challenge or change central. And having a clear shared understanding of the change is critical. Read more about this in our blogpost about community building here.


  1. 📷 - Create and fill out your Alkemio profile [2 min] Don’t forget to add a nice picture of yourself :D. We want everyone to know who you are cooperating with to build a relationship of trust amongst this community. Filling out your profile, including your skills and interests, will allow others to find you when they can use your expertise! Use this link to create an account if you haven’t already.
  2. 📁 - Improve your understanding of the platform structure [5 min] The Alkemio platform has been designed carefully to support its users in making progress on pressing Challenges. This requires some structure and terminology that you might not be familiar with. We therefore recommend you to check out our explanation of the key concepts of the platform.
  3. 🔎 - Join a Challenge Space and explore it [5 min] There are many Spaces on Alkemio, most of which are open to anyone. For example, take a look at the ‘Working Challenge-centric’ Space.
  4. 👋 Introduce yourself in the Challenge Centric Space [1 min] Meet your fellow Alkemio Community members and invite them in your Space or challenge community.


Use our help center to get your questions answered. Here you’ll find frequently asked questions and a form to get in touch with the Alkemio team. We’re happy to assist you!

You can also visit our foundation page. This will allow you to get a better understanding of our values and the purpose for the creation of the Alkemio platform.