Innovation library

Our way of contributing to innovation: an Innovation Library!

Innovation is not always easy and at Alkemio we want to make it easier for everyone to innovate effectively. There is a world of innovation best practices, templates, insights available. But how do we find them? And more importantly, how can we directly apply them?

The Innovation Library on Alkemio makes it easier to share best practices for effective innovation. The Innovation Library is a collection of best practices on whiteboard templates, innovation flows and excersises to do with your community. They offer offer guidance and structure to users on the platform. Enabling everyone to know which steps to take to know how to make the changes society needs. Our innovation library is growing daily, with new templates from multiple parties that can share knowledge and expertise.

Using Whiteboard templates on the platform

As a user, I want to make use of best practice whiteboard templates to support my innovation or community building efforts. Whiteboards allow you to capture thoughts and give them a visual which will make it easier to start concretly working on a project with different people involved. As a provider of templates, I want them to be available for and widely used by all platform users. Now everyone can access the templates anywhere in the platfrom, and this makes it easier to share and make use of everyone’s knowledge.

When you open a new whiteboard, you can now choose from the templates selected by the host as well as browsing through all platform templates! This is one step closer to making all knowledge around innovation or community building more directly available for you to use and share!

Adding Whiteboard templates to the platform

The platform also has multiple ‘Innovation packs’ of templates provided by organizations, knowledge institutes, or individuals. These packages for example include whiteboard templates or Innovation flows. These Innovation flows are a set of states that your Challenge can go through (think for example about different steps in Design Thinking). Gathering this knowledge in the Innovation Library allows for more widely shared knowledge with the rest of the Innovation Community!

Innovation templates to share with the wider community?

If you have any useful templates, please reach out to us via the Forum or