Alkemio Spaces!

Alkemio allows you to open a dedicated online Space where the Community can gather to make impact on shared Challenges, with help from templates and knowledge of the Innovation library. This blogpost will talk you through its key elements, and recently added functionalities to support you on this journey.

Key elements in each Space

First of all, you may have noticed an important name change… In line with the goal of Alkemio explained above, we have decided to move from Hub to a more neutral term ‘Space’.

Alkemio Spaces can be used to align a variety of stakeholders (both individuals as well as organizations) around a set of Challenges to gather knowledge and insights. These key elements are therefore directly highlighted in the menu bar.

Dashboard tab (with ‘About’ button)

I am new here, what can I do in this Space? What activity is happening here?

The Dashboard remains the central place for people to find key information about this Space. Key for new users is the button to find more information ‘About this Space’. Here you will find more information about the background, vision, who should be involved and what impact is aimed for. As this context is often relatively static, we have decided to remove the separate About tab and add this prominent button on the Dashboard.

Furthermore, it shows you important information about upcoming events, news updates, recommendations by the Host, recent activities.

Community Tab (new!)

Who are participating in this Space? Who is responsible for it? Is it something I should join?

All these questions will be answered in the Community tab. You will find the people and organizations already part of this Space, recent new members, and the Facilitating organization and Host. Also, members will find discussions, whiteboards, and posts created by the hosts that are related to (building) the community. For example, a question for members to introduce themselves, the ability to contribute to a stakeholder map visualized on a whiteboard, or to provide ideas for other stakeholders to invite in this Space.

Challenges Tab

What are the Challenges that this Community is working on? Where can I open a new Challenge? I have seen others working on similar Challenges, where can I share these Challenges with the Community?

Here you can browse through the Challenges defined in this Space as well as again discussions, whiteboards, and posts created by the Hosts. For example, a question to all members to submit ideas for Challenges to work on or to submit links to other related Challenges.

Knowledge Base Tab (renamed Contribute tab)

I want to contribute to these topics, but how? Where can I find articles, experiences and insights related to this topic?

The key goal of the previous Contribute tab has always been to gather knowledge and insights on the topic. This will now more specifically be highlighted.

Alkemio’s Collaboration Tools

As a Host, I want an easy way to ask my Community questions to make progress on the Challenges. Discussions with the Alkemio Community brought forward that users want to contribute in multiple ways: to growing the community, to framing challenges, to building up shared knowledge. This is now possible! No more “contribute” tab, but instead users directly contribute to the relevant section.

Collaboration tool types

We want a way to share information with the community, gather knowledge and insights or allow interaction between members. Callouts are a set of collaboration tools to help you.

  • Creating a Post to send a message with information such as a guidance video, or to ask your community a question. Members are able to respond with a short comment.
  • Creating a Call for posts to gather information in a more structured way (previous Cards Callout). As a lead you can choose to add some guiding questions or information fields that members have to fill in. Members are able to respond with a more extensive answer, including references, tags, and visuals. Also, other members can comment on the response of another member.
  • Creating a Call for Whiteboards to gather responses in a more visual way. The lead can choose a template that members must fill in when submitting their answer.

Where can I find these tools?

As mentioned before, the Hosts are now able to use these tools on any page! This allows them to ask the question where it makes the most sense. Let’s give you some examples:

  • A post on the Dashboard to ask for comments, suggestions, feedback
  • A whiteboard with a stakeholder map on the Community tab, so that people can put their insights on this whiteboard
  • A post on the Community tab to ask members to introduce themselves or suggest other people / organizations to invite (see example below)
  • A call for posts on the Challenges tab where members can submit ideas for Challenges to work on by filling in a few context questions.
  • A call for posts with relevant articles related to the topic on the Knowledge base tab

This refresh is part of a bigger refresh to further define the key goals and activities on Challenge and Opportunity level.