Help us translate!

Contributing to the platform

Alkemio is all about building something together: not only a better future for society, but also a platform that can facilitate these journeys. We are fully open source, which means that your contributions to the platform are very valuable and welcome.

To make our platform accessible to anyone, we support multiple languages. Currently, this includes English, Dutch, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Spanish. As our platform develops in a high pace, new features that need to be translated emerge frequently. Our international team does its best to keep up, but your help is very welcome!

In this blog we will show you how to help in keeping our platform translations up-to-date!

How to contribute to the translations?

We’re using a tool called Crowdin, a crowdsourcing tool that helps us managing our translations. Crowdsourcing is a practice that engages a community for one common goal – to translate the product on a volunteer basis into several languages.

Do you want to contribute? Follow these steps!

  1. Create an account on Crowdin using the following link. You can use your Google/Github/Socials accounts.
  2. (Optional) Update your profile on the this page.
  3. Go to the Alkemio project by searching in the top search bar, or by directly going to our page.
  4. Click the green ‘Join’ button to join the Alkemio project and select the language that you want to translate to (from English) drawing
  5. Hit the green “Translate All” button to get started and click through the tutorial.
  6. You’re ready to start translating! See the screenshot below how to!

  1. That’s all! Easy, right?

What happens to my translations?

We want to assure that the translations meet our standards and match with our terminology. After you have made the translations, they will be checked by an Alkemio team member before they are implemented on the platform. We will use the comments feature in Crowdin to communicate about debatable translations 😄.

Did you know? You can also use Crowdin to improve translations! Just use the “Search strings” and type in the string that you want to change:

Any questions?

In case you have any questions on the translating process, feel free to reach out to us, or check the Crowdin support page!

🙌 Many thanks for helping us improve Alkemio!