Dutch translation with help from UWV

* Note that visuals of the platform may be outdated due to continuous improvements.

Alkemio is being built with the Community as well as for the Community! That has been one of the key messages from the start. Each Individual User as well as Organization can submit their feedback, for example through GitHub - gathering the wisdom of the Community as we together develop the platform.

In the last months, we have seen many different ways of co-creation that improved our platform. A nice example is our recent addition of multi-language support.

Each translation involved help from our Community. For example, the Bulgarian translation was done by the wife of one of our key development team members and the Ukranian translation by a former Contributor.

With key partners in the Dutch public sector, a Dutch translation was also a key addition.

After we made a first pass, we received some valuable feedback from UWV and their community as they further worked with the platform, creating a list with suggestions to improve the Dutch translation. The suggestions were provided in a manner that they could be easily incorporated into the bi-weekly release. Now, all our other Dutch community members can benefit from their contribution.

Examples are that we use ‘je’ instead of ‘u’, improved the various call to actions for a new User as well as our value propositions an appealing description of the value of Alkemio.

Note that we did choose to keep our key terminology in English, such as Challenges, Opportunities, and Communities.

Many thanks to UWV for their on-going contributions and feedback!

Interested in this translation (or the Bulgarian or Ukranian)? Please visit our Hub!

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