(Webinar) Time for an update!

Please join us for a lunchtime webinar (12:00 - 13:00 CET) on December 20th, where we would like to share with you progress by Alkemio, and look forward to 2022. It promises to be an exciting year!

Note: this webinar is partially covering topics we had planned for a joint webinar with our partner Digicampus on December 13th. That event needed to be cancelled for personal reasons. We will reschedule that event for January…

The public preview of Alkemio was launched this past July in partnership with Digicampus. Five intense and productive months have flown by, and in this session we will cover:

  • We have a major new release! The most obvious is the new user interface. But there is also a wealth of additions related to interacting within communities (updates, communications) and co-creation (whiteboards, with support for best practice templates). In short we have been busy :)
  • New partners and customers: the core message, that we need to align within and across organizations, is resonating. Looking forward to sharing some positive news!
  • Roadmap and plans for 2022: the product is maturing, the early market engagement is positive, and the need is huge. What do we see as key focus areas for Alkemio next year?

So plenty to share and get your feedback on. Please join us on December 20th!