Grant awarded!

Delighted to be able to announce that Alkemio has been selected to participate in the upcoming Business Open Call from eSSIF Lab, part of the wider EU NGI initiative. This was a competitive application process, with only a small number of applicants being accepted.

We will be working closely with the Digital Innovation Team at The Hague to facilitate the innovation communities around two Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) pilots they are participating in:

  • Citizen Participation
  • Debt relief support

In both cases we will be looking at how Verified Credentials issued to an individual by a trusted party and held in a digital wallet can be be verified and used for hosted Challenges.

A key guiding principle of the Alkemio platform from the start has being able to support a more self sovereign and decentralized approach to collaborating. This principle has been key to some technical choices in the platform, such as credential based authorization - but now means that we have a great base for this upcoming work. This technical depth is of course hidden from end users, but is crucial to dealing with some of the key technical trends already underway.

So a very technical project, but applied to very real world use cases!

Interested in knowing more or contributing? Please reach out!